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Carriers: Polski Bus

Monday 23 January, 11:30

The nearest departure of coaches and buses Krakow - Budapest today after

From Krakow to Budapest

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
13:05 in 1h 35mDworzec MDAPolski Bus
22:50 in 11h 20mDworzec MDAPolski Bus
9:20 tomorrowDworzec MDAPolski Bus
13:05 tomorrowDworzec MDAPolski Bus
22:50 tomorrowDworzec MDAPolski Bus

From Budapest to Krakow

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
17:20 in 5h 50mKelenfold vasutallomas MPolski Bus
23:45 in 12h 15mKelenfold vasutallomas MPolski Bus
6:55 tomorrowKelenfold vasutallomas MPolski Bus
17:20 tomorrowKelenfold vasutallomas MPolski Bus
23:45 tomorrowKelenfold vasutallomas MPolski Bus

Timetables updated on 08/11/2016

Carrier’s profile

☎ Booking: online www.polskibus.com Duration: 7h
Line P6: BUDAPEST - KRAKOW - Kielce - Radom - Warsaw
Line P14: BUDAPEST - KRAKOW - Katowice - Wroclaw

Passengers's rating:
3.1 (votes: 300)

From Krakow to Budapest (Line P6)

Runs daily

From Budapest to Krakow (Line P6)

Runs daily

From Krakow to Budapest (Line P14)

Runs daily

From Budapest to Krakow (Line P14)

Runs daily