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Carriers: PTS Bracia Woźniak

Saturday 3 December, 7:46

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From Krakow to Konskie

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
14:45 in 6h 59mDworzec MDAPTS B. Woźniak
18:00 in 10h 14mDworzec MDAPTS B. Woźniak
14:45 tomorrowDworzec MDAPTS B. Woźniak
18:00 tomorrowDworzec MDAPTS B. Woźniak

From Konskie to Krakow

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
13:23 in 5h 37mul. Kielecka (Biedronka)PTS B. Woźniak
7:33 tomorrowul. Kielecka (Biedronka)PTS B. Woźniak
13:23 tomorrowul. Kielecka (Biedronka)PTS B. Woźniak

Timetables updated on 23/11/2016

Carrier’s profile

☎ Tel./Booking: +48 502 345 349 Duration: 3h
Route: KRAKOW - Kielce - KONSKIE - Kamienna Wola - Opoczno

Passengers's rating:
1.2 (votes: 230)

From Krakow to Konskie

Runs daily

From Konskie to Krakow (course from Opoczno)

Runs daily