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How to get to Oswiecim from Krakow – the guide

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Below you find the answers for FAQ regarding the journey to Oswiecim from Krakow.

1. Carriers

The route Krakow – Oswiecim is operated by 4 carriers:

The courses are usually served by small buses – except for connections served by the carrier ‘Lajkonik’. On our website in section Carrier’s Profile you may find the up to date average assessment of journey’s comfort given by the passengers. [Check]

2. Where to buy a ticket and how much does it cost?

The tickets are available from ticket office at Central Bus Station in Krakow or from a driver on the day. The fares are:

Attention please! The tickets bought online are usually cheaper than at the ticket office and in additional you may get a special promotion when you buy more tickets at the same time.

3. Where do the buses depart from?


All the above carriers depart from Central Bus Station in Krakow located at 18 Bosacka Street.


There are three first bus stops in Oswiecim called:

The maps showing the location of bus stops you can find below:

Location of Central Bus Station in Krakow

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop WIĘŹNIÓW OŚWIĘCIMIA in Oswiecim

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop OŚWIĘCIM LODOWISKO in Oswiecim

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop MUZEUM AUSCHWITZ in Oswiecim

The first bus stop called MUZEUM AUSCHWITZ applies only to the carrier ’Lajkonik’.
The bus stop called WIĘŹNIÓW OŚWIĘCIMIA applies to lines number 2 operated by 'Marek Lewański' and 'Przewóz Osób JS' (the timetables of line number 2 you can find here)
The bus stop called OŚWIĘCIM LODOWISKO applies to the rest of lines run by 'GT TRANS', 'Marek Lewański' (line number 1) and 'Przewoz osob JS' (line number 1)
The nearest to the museum is the bus stop called 'MUZEUM AUSCHWITZ', a little further is ‘WIĘŹNIÓW OŚWIĘCIMIA’ (a few minutes on foot). The farthest bus stop is called 'OŚWIĘCIM LODOWISKO'.

Attention please!
The bus stop called 'WIĘŹNIÓW OŚWIĘCIMIA' is also an intermediate bus stop for connection served by 'GT TRANS', 'Marek Lewański' (line nb 1) and 'Przewóz Osób JS' (line nb 1). All you need to do is to inform a driver that you want to get off at the Auschwitz Museum when you buy a ticket and then you can just sit back and relax to all the way to your destination.

4. Where can I find timetables ?

Check the timetables of buses to Auschwitz

That’s all! Enjoy the journey!

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