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Lesko Rzeszow coaches and buses - timetables

Carriers: Galicja EXPRESS

Friday 20 April, 1:00

The nearest departure of coaches and buses Rzeszow - Lesko today after

From Rzeszow to Lesko

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
10:00 in 9hul. SokołaGalicja EXPRESS
13:26 in 12h 26mul. SokołaGalicja EXPRESS
10:00 tomorrowul. SokołaGalicja EXPRESS
13:26 tomorrowul. SokołaGalicja EXPRESS

From Lesko to Rzeszow

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
12:45 in 11h 45mMiastoGalicja EXPRESS
16:22 in 15h 22mMiastoGalicja EXPRESS
12:45 tomorrowMiastoGalicja EXPRESS
16:22 tomorrowMiastoGalicja EXPRESS

Timetables updated on 25/11/2017

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Connection on route Lesko - Rzeszow is run by following carriers:

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☎ Tel./Booking: (dialling code: +48) 603 212 617 Duration: 1h 54m

Lublin - Janow Lubelski - Nisko - Sokolow Malopolski - Jasionka - RZESZOW ul. Sokola - Brzozow - Sanok - LESKO Miasto - Polanczyk

Passengers's rating:
3 (votes: 24)

From Rzeszow to Lesko

Runs daily

From Lesko to Rzeszow

Runs daily