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Ruciane-Nida Warsaw coaches and buses - timetables

Carriers: PKS Polonus

Monday 20 August, 7:36

The nearest departure of coaches and buses Warsaw - Ruciane-Nida

From Warsaw to Ruciane-Nida

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
8:30 in 54mDworzec ZachodniPKS Polonus
8:40 in 1h 4mDworzec ZachodniPKS Polonus
8:30 tomorrowDworzec ZachodniPKS Polonus
8:40 tomorrowDworzec ZachodniPKS Polonus

From Ruciane-Nida to Warsaw

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
15:45 in 8h 9mOsiedlePKS Polonus
16:00 in 8h 24mDworzecPKS Polonus
15:45 tomorrowOsiedlePKS Polonus
16:00 tomorrowDworzecPKS Polonus

Timetables updated on 17/08/2018

Should you search for the timetables of coaches and buses from Warsaw to Ruciane-Nida in other day than today (20.08) or tomorrow (21.08), please check the bookmarks with timetables below.
Connection on route Ruciane-Nida - Warsaw is run by following carriers:

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☎ Tel./Booking: (dialling code: +48) 703 403 403, buy ticket online

Duration: 4h 30m


Line nb 1: Warszawa Dworzec Zachodni - Ostrow Mazowiecki - Sniadowo - Lomza - Maly Plock - Kolno - Pisz - Ruciane-Nida Osiedle
Line nb 2: Warszawa Dworzec Zachodni - Ruciane-Nida Dworzec - Gizycko

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From Warsaw to Ruciane-Nida (Line nb 1)

Runs daily

From Ruciane-Nida to Warsaw (Line nb 1)

Runs daily

From Warsaw to Ruciane-Nida (Line nb 2)

Runs daily

From Ruciane-Nida to Warsaw (Line nb 2)

Runs daily