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Gizycko Bialystok coaches and buses - timetables

Carriers: GIGABUS.pl

Thursday 24 January, 0:23

The nearest departure of coaches and buses Bialystok - Gizycko

From Bialystok to Gizycko

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
10:00 in 9h 37mDworzec BiacomexGIGABUS.pl
17:30 in 17h 7mDworzec BiacomexGIGABUS.pl
10:00 tomorrowDworzec BiacomexGIGABUS.pl
17:30 tomorrowDworzec BiacomexGIGABUS.pl

From Gizycko to Bialystok

Departure timeLeaving fromCarrier
6:30 in 6h 7mDworzec AutobusowyGIGABUS.pl
14:00 in 13h 37mDworzec AutobusowyGIGABUS.pl
6:30 tomorrowDworzec AutobusowyGIGABUS.pl
14:00 tomorrowDworzec AutobusowyGIGABUS.pl

Timetables updated on 14.08.2018

Should you search for the timetables of coaches and buses from Bialystok to Gizycko in other day than today (24.01) or tomorrow (25.01), please check the bookmarks with timetables below.
Connection on route Gizycko - Bialystok is run by following carriers:

Carrier’s profile

☎ Tel./Booking: (dialling code: +48) 791 466 644

Duration: 2h 30m


Bialystok Dworzec Biacomex - Elk - Orzysz - Gizycko Dworzec Autobusowy

Passengers's rating:
3.7 (votes: 18)

From Bialystok to Gizycko

Runs daily

From Gizycko to Bialystok

Runs daily

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