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Carriers: MAT-BUS

πŸ“… Wednesday 23 October, 23:51

The nearest departure of coaches and buses Krakow - Pinczow

Krakow β†’ Pinczow

πŸ•˜ Departure time🚏 Leaving from🚌 Carrier
7:30 tomorrowKrakow MDA Bus StationMAT-BUS
9:40 tomorrowKrakow MDA Bus StationMAT-BUS
12:00 tomorrowKrakow MDA Bus StationMAT-BUS
13:30 tomorrowKrakow MDA Bus StationMAT-BUS
15:00 tomorrowKrakow MDA Bus StationMAT-BUS

Pinczow β†’ Krakow

πŸ•˜ Departure time🚏 Leaving from🚌 Carrier
4:50 tomorrowPinczow ul. LegionistowMAT-BUS
6:40 tomorrowPinczow ul. LegionistowMAT-BUS
8:20 tomorrowPinczow ul. LegionistowMAT-BUS
9:50 tomorrowPinczow ul. LegionistowMAT-BUS
11:10 tomorrowPinczow ul. LegionistowMAT-BUS

Timetables updated on 15.03.2019

Should you search for the timetables of coaches and buses from Krakow to Pinczow in other day than today (23.10) or tomorrow (24.10) please check the tabs with timetables below. Connection on route Pinczow - Krakow is run by following carriers:

Carrier’s profile

πŸ“ž Tel./Booking: (dialling code: +48) 608 782 034

⏳ Duration: 2h 20m

🌍 Route:

Krakow MDA Bus Station - Proszowice - Kazimierza Wielka - Wislica - Busko-Zdroj - Pinczow ul. Legionistow

πŸ“ˆ Passengers's rating: 2.8 (votes: 360) β€’ Add rating

From Krakow to Pinczow

Mon. - Fri.SaturdaySunday

From Pinczow to Krakow

Mon. - Fri.SaturdaySunday

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Veronica Rozenberg

β€’ Reply

Hello, I must leave from Krakov MDA to Busko - Zdroj in November 25.
How could I find the platform wherefrom te bus leaves, and which is its number?

The MDA Station is very difficult to be accessed for somebody who doesn't know it, so that is why
I would be grateful for some details or eventually a map, of course about
the umber of the bus.

An other question is, while getting off in Busko, how can I reach the sanatorium
Bristol and Spa from the bus stop where the bus brings me, is there a possibility to take a taxi,
is it close for a walk, as I have some luggage with me/

I thank you very much for any piece of information


Hi Veronica. MAT-BUS to Busko-Zdroj leaves from lower floor of Central Bus Station MDA. You can find a exact location on the departures board at the MDA. We recommend that you arrive at station at least several minutes before.