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Balice Airport in Krakow - buses and train

How to get to the Balice Airport - guide 2021

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John Paul II International Airport Krakow - Balice is located around 11 km west of the city centre Krakow. From the Central Bus Station in Krakow to the Krakow Balice Airport you can get by:

The Central Bus Station MDA (previously known as Central Bus Station PKS) is located at 18 Bosacka Street and is just right next to Central Railway Station PKP from which train departs to Krakow Balice Airport. The first and final bus stops for public buses (MPK) lines 208, 902 are located right next to lower floor of Central Bus Station MDA.

Airport Krakow-Balice
Airport Krakow-Balice

THE CHEAPEST OPTION: Public Bus Transport (line 208, 252, 902)

The cheapest way to get to Central Bus Station in Krakow from Balice Airport is by using The Municipal Transport Services of the City of Krakow MPK S.A which offers two day time lines (208 and 252) departing from Airport Terminal and arriving at Central Bus Station and night line (902).

The expected journey time is 45 minutes for day line 208 and 35 minutes for night line 902. Unfortunately buses which operate on route between Krakow and Balice Airport are not equipped with any special luggage space - they are regular buses.

The timetables


The easiest way to buy tickets is from vending machines located on buses and at bus stops. It is best to have two forms of payment prepared - cash (coins) and a payment card, because some machines allow you to pay only by card. Tickets cannot be purchased from the driver.

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop Dworzec Glowny Wschod for line 208 and 902 in Krakow

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop Balice Airport for line 208, 252 and 902 at the Krakow Balice Airport

Location of first bus stop and final bus stop Osiedle Podwawelskie for line 252 in Krakow


The fastest way to get to city centre of Krakow from Balice Airport is by taking a train. They run approximately every 30 minutes and the journey takes only 18 minuts. The train departs from Platform 2 - in case of any changes the passengers are informed (remember to check it again just before departing). Station at the Balice Airport is located next to the Terminal.

The timetables (valid up to 14.10.2021)

From Krakow Balice Airport Station to Central Krakow
5:12, 6:22, 6:49, 7:29, 7:51, 8:18, 8:40, 9:31, 9:55, 10:29, 10:55, 11:31, 11:57, 12:31, 12:53, 13:29, 13:55, 14:19, 14:57, 15:28, 15:50, 16:17, 16:59, 17:21, 17:49, 18:28, 19:23, 20:29, 21:20, 22:26, 23:28, 0:34
From Krakow Central Railway Station to Krakow Balice Airport
4:40, 5:57, 6:14, 6:46, 7:14, 7:54, 8:15, 8:59, 9:20, 9:56, 10:19, 10:53, 11:19, 11:55, 12:22, 12:55, 13:18, 13:53, 14:19, 14:54, 15:21, 15:52, 16:14, 16:56, 17:23, 17:45, 18:52, 20:04, 20:56, 21:59, 23:01, 0:07


A ticket you can purchase from a ticket machines which are located on Platforms (pay by cash or credit or debit cards).

Location of Central Railway Station PKP in Krakow

Location of Railway Station at Balice Airport

ALTERNATIVE OPTION - buses and coaches

NEOBUS Carrier

NEOBUS carries out five courses daily on line N3. Krakow Balice is an intermediate stop.

line N3: Sanok - Iwonicz-Zdroj - Rymanow-Zdroj - Krosno - Rzeszow - Krakow MDA - Krakow Balice - Katowice - Wroclaw

The coaches heading for Wroclaw depart from Balice Airport at 4:00, 7:20, 11:15, 15:15 and 21:00, whereas the coaches heading for Rzeszow depart at 1:50, 7:00, 11:05, 15:30, and 19:05. The courses are run seven days a week. The coaches stop next to a stop of public bus.

The ticket you can buy online from official NEOBUS operator website - https://neobus.pl/en/
Contact with NEOBUS: +48 17 277 30 95

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